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Nau mai, haere mai. Welcome to the Sexual Violence Workforce Capability Framework platform.

The purpose of this platform is to enable all those who would like to, the ability to contribute to the development of these frameworks.

We invite you to explore.

Eliminating sexual violence in Aotearoa will require a workforce that can respond to the needs of our widely varying communities. We need teams of specialist and general workers, as well as informal community networks that can provide safe, appropriate and effective responses to sexual violence in order to ensure protection, accountability, healing and restoration across a range of diverse communities.


One of the primary challenges already expressed is that there too few people with the necessary tools to provide the right kind of help. We need different groups of people with core competencies. People who can work in preventing sexual violence, people who can guide whānau and families along their own journeys of healing, and people who can respond appropriately to disclosures of both experiences of sexual violence as well as harmful behaviour or ideations of harmful behaviour.

These different groups of people include:

  • Skilled sexual violence specialists who have the skills and cultural competence in providing responses that meet the diverse range of people’s needs, in healing or in preventing violence

  • Workers in government and community generalist services who know how to identify if someone needs help, how to take action safely, and how to connect to specialist services if needed

  • People in informal networks including workplaces, marae, faith organisations, sports groups, friends, family and whānau who can respond to, heal and prevent sexual violence

  • Specialists, generalists, and informal community networks, all require the opportunity to share and lead in the competencies in which they are strong, and the resources and tools to upskill in the competencies in which they struggle. To create opportunities to share, lead, and upskill, the organisations which hold these groups of people need policies and practices that support effective, consistent responses.

We are currently reviewing all the content previously collected across a number of Huis and are reviewing the content. If you have additional thoughts you would like to share, feel free to contact us below.

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