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Sexual violence workforce capability framework

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Pou: Te ao Māori values which are used to organise the Kaupapa Māori sexual
violence workforce framework. Developed by Te Ohaakii a Hine-National

Network Ending Sexual Violence Together (TOAH-NNEST).

Principles: Values based in te ao Māori and developed by the Joint Venture (later to
become Te Puna Aonui) which are used to organise the Tangata Tiriti
sexual violence workforce framework. These align the sexual violence
workforce frameworks with the family violence workforce frameworks

which were launched in 2022.


Community: Collective segments of the population of Aotearoa who share common
characteristics, interests, or goals and are interconnected by social ties,

interactions, and a sense of belonging.


Intersection: Cross-cuts of segments of the population of Aotearoa who share similar or
aligned perspectives and challenges. These groups have particularly
unique needs and require additional expertise to ensure their comfort and



Stage: Progressive increments of capability. Ranging from baseline level through
to high levels of expertise.


Capability: The skills, abilities, and/or characteristics that one possesses

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