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Kaupapa Māori Framework

Ngā tāngata o nga hau e whā: Ia maunga, ia marae, ia tangata, ia rohe

To access the complete draft framework, you can download it by clicking the link below. The file is in PDF format and has a size of 579KB.


Download complete framework (.pdf 579KB)


Alternatively, you can contribute directly to the framework capabilities online.


We have made the framework available for you to view and leave comments. Simply click the link provided and access the Google Sheet.


Add comments with your expertise, suggestions, and feedback on the Google Sheet

Kaupapa Māori Framework

If you would like to make your own version of the Google Sheet to provide a more comprehensive contribution, follow these steps:

  • Click "File" in the top menu of the Google Sheet.

  • Select "Make a Copy" from the dropdown menu.

  • You will now have your own editable version of the Google Sheet, where you can freely input your feedback and suggestions.


Thank you for joining us on this journey to develop a robust Kaupapa Māori SV Workforce Capability Framework. Your contributions will help create a workforce that is responsive and equipped to support whānau and communities impacted by sexual violence.

Download Google Sheet Help
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