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Te Puna Aonui

Sexual violence workforce capability framework

Nau mai, haere mai. Welcome to the life-cycle registration platform for the development of the SV workforce capability framework.

The purpose of this platform is to allow all those who would like to contribute to the development of these frameworks the ability to:

  • see at the points in the development life-cycle which are open for contribution and feedback

  • assess for themselves where their focus and skills may be best spent, and

  • ensure their participation at time and via an engagement method that is suitable for them.

We invite you to explore the development life-cycle & register your intent to contribute

Life cycle registration
  1. March to April:

    • Te Puna Aonui team conduct a review of existing literature and studies to gather relevant information.

    • Te Puna Aonui team develop an initial draft skeleton framework based on the review.

  2. May-June:

    • Register for a Hui to participate in the initial sector engagement, to discuss and gather contributions to the draft skeleton framework.

    • Seven hui will gather contributions from across the SV sector.

    • Hui attendees will be offered the opportunity to attend an online session to hear some preliminary analysis from their feedback.

    • Based on the contributions received, Te Puna Aonui team make necessary amendments and updates to the draft framework.

  3. July:

  4. August:

    • Te Puna Aonui team finalizes the draft framework based on the feedback received during hui and online sessions.

    • Te Puna Aonui team ensures all amendments and updates are incorporated into the final draft.

  5. September-October:

  6. November:

    • Complete final changes and submit draft framework to the Minister.


It's important to note that the provided information is limited, and specific details about the Te Puna Aonui draft framework, cannot be provided outside of consultation. As this project is in flight the time periods above are indicative only and subject to change.

Further sector engagement will be organised after the draft has progressed into its next phase.

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