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17 Mar 2023

Our team in print.

  • Harrison, N. (2014). So, Who Am I Now? How does the discovery of a family reproductive secret impact understanding of personal identity? In Department of Sociology: Vol. Master of Arts.

  • Harrison, N. (2023). Family Relatedness for Māori Survivors of Familial Childhood Sexual Abuse. In Z. Boden-Stuart & M. Larkin (Eds.), Relationships and Mental Health: Relational experience in distress and recovery, United Kingdom, Springer.

  • Harrison, N., Le Grice, J., & Clark, T. (TBC). Whanaungatanga-Iho: Dynamic Enactments Of Whanaungatanga.

  • Harrison, N., & McCracken, C. (TBC). Kaupapa Māori and Potential Development of a Robust Sensitive Research Framework.

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